“Making Minerals Valuable” project: A roundtable discussion is organized

14-02-2023, 12:20
AMEP 2, which has the vision to improve the investment environment for the extractives sector in Mongolia, in collaboration with the MMHI is currently implementing the “Making Minerals Valuable” project to contribute to improving company-community relations, manage local expectations, reduce community grievances, and company risk from prospecting and exploration to closure. 
AMEP 2’s pilot project is implemented by the Mongolian Council for Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility (CSS).
This pilot project is implemented in Buregkhangai Soum of Bulgan aimag, Khuld Soum of Dundgobi aimag and Altanshiree Soum of Dornogobi aimag.
On February 14, AMEP 2 organized a roundtable discussion with the representatives of the exploration and mining license holders from these three soums. A total of 27 companies and license holders participated in the discussion and shared their experiences, lessons learned and successes on their approaches towards community relations and engagements, while having meaningful discussions on how to build trust and mutual respect with local communities.
The roundtable saw representatives from “Оyu Tolgoi” LLC and “Energy Resources” LLC provide further insights into their management and relationship-building initiatives with communities and herders.

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